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Recent Florida Mortgage Lender Reviews

I couldn’t say enough good things about Kristina. She is a top notch loan officer. From the due diligence to make sure your loan pre qualification is solid, to the customer service where she will run multiple scenarios so you can have all your options. She absolutely outshines the competition. We were able to close on our house 1 week early due to her hard work and communication. I highly recommend her.

Ersel J.


Kristina was very diligent and wonderful to work with. Super knowledgeable about the mortgage procedure and this was great for being a first time home buyer. Her background as a realtor made the process super easy since she knew the steps I was taking with mine. And her and her team worked very quickly on everything. I got my pre-approval in a few hours. From my offer being accepted to closing date was 30 days, and she had all my paperwork ready 1 week early.

Jeff T.


Kristina Morales, everything went well, and from the completion of the mortgage application to closing. Thank You for assistance with getting me benefits for purchasing the home and you doing much more for me. God bless you and your family and God’s grace and mercy!

Yancey T.


Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions in Florida

How to get a mortgage loan in Florida?

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How to find a mortgage lender in Florida?

There are a number of ways how to find a mortgage lender in Florida.

First and foremost, I recommend utilizing your connections. Referrals from your friends and family who worked with a good mortgage lender in Florida in the past are the most valuable. However, if no one from your circle can refer you a credible lending company, that's alright. You still have other options available to you.

Another great way of finding a mortgage lender in Florida is utilizing Loanfully's mortgage lender directory. On our directory you'll find thoroughly vetted lenders that originate mortgage loans in Florida. Simply use our directory to browse top rated lenders and reach out to those that you gravitate the most. All the Florida mortgage companies in our directory are screened by our in-house team to the best of our ability. So, you can rest assured you're in good hands.

Finally, if you don't want to use our directory with already pre-screened lenders and would rather do your own research, I'd recommend using Google search. While it may take you a considerable time to identify good lenders form the hundreds of available mortgage companies in Florida, it's definitely doable. It's up to you to decide whether you want to invest your time in your own research or use already vetted list of best mortgage lenders in Florida found on Loanfully's directory.

How to choose a mortgage lender in Florida?

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Who is the best mortgage lender in Florida?

To properly answer this question, you need to realize that mortgage has many different products for different situations. While it is possible to find out who overall is the best mortgage lender in Florida, I prefer answering this question by categorizing best lenders by different mortgage product.

In other words, it will be more helpful to answer this question in terms of who is the best mortgage lender in Florida for first time home buyers, veterans, self employed, investors, etc. Below I listed links to best mortgage lenders in each respective category:

  • Best mortgage lender for first time buyers
  • Best mortgage lender for self employed
  • Best mortgage lender for bad credit
  • Best mortgage refinance lender
  • Best reverse mortgage lender
  • Best VA mortgage lender
  • Best online mortgage lender
  • Best mortgage lender for investment property

What are current mortgage rates in Florida?

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How to calculate mortgage payment in Florida?

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What are the different types of mortgage loans available in Florida?

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Need an answer to your specific question?

If you have specific mortgage questions you would want to ask a licensed mortgage lender, please don't hesitate to contact Kristina Morales for professional advice. 

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Benefit #4


You don't need to submit your personal info on multiple sites

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Are you looking for professional mortgage loan officers in Florida? We've got your back! With the industry's most comprehensive online business lender directory, Loanfully makes it simple for you to find and compare top rated residential and commercial mortgage companies in Florida.

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